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People say they are scared to Die. In that case, shouldn’t they be scared to die daily inch by inch through ignoring Wellness? It’s not rocket science but your birth right! Focusing on your Wellness means a long, joyful and peaceful life. Are You Ready?

What is Wellness? Do you know the Wellness Formula for your Wellness recourse? There are many factors that work cohesively to build Wellness. The key factors are Peace & Joy – it all starts here and ends here. However, there are many variables that create Peace & Joy which are not purchasable but achievable.

Wellness is technically classified into three sectors – Physical Wellness, Mental Wellness & Energy Wellness. The Wellness Maker, through intuition, direct divine guidance, and personal experiences can guide you unconditionally in all three sectors of Wellness.

The type of food, The size of food, The way of food, The time of food, & The quality of food, Provides the cause to sustain, Signals your organs accordingly, Is proportional to Vitality & Deterrence, Controls your Wellness & Health, And defines your Life Longevity. – By The Wellness Maker.

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