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About Us

The Wellness Maker is an effort to assist people with achieving Wellness in all sectors of life, inner Peace, life satisfaction and gratitude towards The Supreme Divine Energy.

We all want to be healthy and live a remarkable life. Let’s be honest few are not sure how to achieve it and few spent entire lives achieving it. Eating medications throughout life will NOT ROOT OUT all of your wellness (health) problems but provides either temporary or permanent defensive solutions. In today’s world, the need is to be PROACTIVE, ALERT, & DECISIVE in guiding health and overall wellness towards a state of Joyous journey (from age 20 to age 100) that will not hamper to fulfill Life Purpose & to achieve Bliss. Many crumble down to health issues as their overall Wellness depreciates over time as they age naturally. One should aim to die healthy in a natural gracious way.

What is that one solution that will empower your for rest of your life?
How can you gain health and wellness independence?
Who can unconditionally guide you?

There has been many wise souls who have from time to time shown the importance of living proactively through Ayurveda, Herbs and focusing on eating habits. And various solutions already exist throughout different parts of the World. Instead of keep on trying different methods and solutions, there is an acute need to embrace one solution that will totally change your life once and for all.

Health & Wellness solutions shouldn’t be ever about financial gain. The Wellness Maker (TWM) out of his unconditional care and support will be launching many Wellness solutions/methods that will bring a Wellness revolution to uplift and empower humanity as he performs his seva-karma (service).

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