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The Wellness Treats™

We all want to live life to our fullest and be rejoiced.

We appreciate your being. We understand that from time to time we all need to have a moment to treat ourselves. We know that many of us can’t enjoy due to health concerns. Being in shape and fit should be our priority, so as keeping our Wellness in check. Being concerned, Royal Shri Rudraji have created a fabulous option with which you can treat yourself without Health concerns and to aid our celebrations of life.

Our aim is to bring happiness, taste and wellness to support your life plans to remain Healthy, so you can celebrate life and treat yourself as needed.

Just because it’s healthy and good for your body, doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. We have developed many delicious recipes that are designed to enrich your body without sacrificing taste. All of our ingredients are naturally sourced.

Our Wellness Treats are full of the herbs and antioxidants that your body needs.

We are introducing our products to the world –

Wellness Treats Green™ (greens)

Wellness Treats Red™ (beets)

Wellness Treats Blue™ (berries)


Wellness Cake™

Wellness Mango™

We are dedicated to helping you improve your wellness with our Wellness Treats.

Enjoy, be happy, and be healthy! You deserve it!

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