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Veggie Vegan Potluck™

An initiative of Shri Rudraji​

Veggie Vegan Potluck™

We are an effort to educate and promote living a healthy and divine lifestyle by being Vegetarian or Vegan and humble, valuing life and self conscious. 

We believe animals have the same right as us humans. And we should treat them with care, give them love, being courteous and respectful towards their form of being.  

Our world wide efforts are focused towards:

Awakening Souls to Kill-Free Eating™

Remove animal cruelty and killing to live longer.

Awakening Souls to Vibrations-Free Deit™

Remove animal vibrations to be Healthy faster.

Awakening Souls to Burden-Free Living™

Remove Bad-karmas from your baggage to be Spiritual faster.

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