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Corona Virus Prevention

Virus, bacteria and other pathogens are present in the world almost everywhere. They are part a of our ecosystem from centuries. We can’t escape from their presence them but certainly we can overcome them by taking preventative steps and defensive measures. As humans it is our responsibility to assist other animals in the world from pathogens. There may be hundreds of ways to dey pathogens but with certain decisive steps humanity can be certain to prevail from Corona Virus infection.

Corona Virus is a real danger to all of the humankind. Although it may not affect every person in the world, it cannot be ignored especially when it spreads faster than influenza flu. Please take maximum precautions and be on a high alert to stay vigilant on how to protect yourself and others.

The Wellness Maker has been guided by The Divine to spread the awareness and preventative measures with which one can either prevent or perhaps be cured from Corona Virus infection faster than not following below divinely created steps.

Corona Virus Self-Preventative Steps

(apart from following CDC Guidelines & practicing Social Distancing)

1. Tri Prana™

2. Tri Kriya™

3. TWM 8™ Drink

4. Ommm Yoga Series™
(Yoga, Meditation, Kriya, Mudra, Flow)

5. Eating Healthy

6. Daily Exercising

7. Avoid Stress & Depression

8. Six Elements Therapy™

If you are feel you are having any life threatening situation, immediately call your doctor or go to a nearby hospital. Please call police or your local emergency provider to help you if you cannot help yourself in this situation.

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