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The Wellness Maker

As The Wellness Maker Royal Shri Rudraji assists people with Wellness and Health related life issues and concerns. He is a firm believer and practitioner of Naturopathy & Ayurveda.

Nature’s Calling Story

He grew up in a family of naturopathy practitioners. Right from his early childhood he was raised without Allopathic medicines by his grandfather and father who both were Homeopathy practitioners. And throughout his teenage and adult life he was inspired towards Naturopathy and Ayurveda. He always found natural comfort and bonded very well with both Homeopathic and Naturopathic medicines. Trying different techniques and methods to come up with new Herbal ways always amazed him. He is fond of performing God Kriya on daily basis, which is his sole means to appreciate The Divine within him and the creation.

Besides, The Wellness Maker he is,

Why The Wellness Maker?

The Wellness Maker initiative was launched as he was asked by The Divine to bear the responsibility of assisting many people through empowering their Health. He also saw the need whom he assisted with energy healing had the need for physical healing within from their body. He believes the true healing of a body has to begin from within the body itself to have a union of mind, body and soul. Therefore proper attention to diet, nutrition and eating habits are essential for achieving a great Health/Wellness.

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