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Immunity Kriya™

Immunity Kriya is the Breath of Life. immunity kriya is Immunity booster.

Immunity is a natural state of body to defeat pathogens or external entities that intrudes within our body. We all are not immune to everything in life. However, a healthy body can develop immunity quicker to defeat pathogens and help us sustain our life longer. And hence having immunity is of utmost importance.

Immunity Kriya is the essence of life. It nourishes, replenishes and empowers cells to sustain strength, power and endurance. It increases mortality and prolongs unnatural dissolution. It elevates productivity and performance of cells while enhancing natural abilities. It helps improve overall functionality of your entire body to promote wellness. It causes an energetic reaction in your body, strengthening your immune system.

Immunity Kriya is a sequential process involving Fluid Intake, Rhythmic Breathing, Light Exercise, etc.

Are you immunity elevated?

Stress is the root of imbalances at a physical, emotional and mental level. Many known and unknown effects are present in a soul’s life as a result of stress, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even fear of life.

Stress is a remover of boons and blessings. It is the trigger of being unhealthy and is the seed of unhappiness.

Invest in yourself! Invest in wellness! Invest in progress! 

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