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Wellness Invoker Program™

Invoke Wellness within three months.

We at The Wellness Maker has launched self-pace program with which you attempt to invoke your wellness within 90 days. We are very serious to help you attain a greater level of success in life. Attending this program and performing with honesty, dedication and sincerity can elevate your wellness within 90 days.

Although activities asked to perform in this program do not posses any health risk.

The Wellness Invoker Program is created so that you can experience this entry level program associated with the Wellness Invoker System with which you are sure to bring a wellness revolution in your life.

It comprises of three different parts:

Wellness Breathe:

Wellness Breathe is a set of guided rhythmic breathing exercises along with unique kriya processes.

Wellness Fit:

Wellness Fit is a set of guided energy flow exercises along with physical movements.

Wellness Eating:

Wellness Eating is set of conscious measures one have to make in order to revamp their wellness within three months. One needs

Stop overeating your meal

Stop overreacting to any situations

Stop overjudging yourself

Forgive yourself if you make mistakes

Eat fruits in the morning

Forgive others if they make mistakes

Take time for your self-care

Talk nicely to everyone and be respectful

Don’t eat oily and junk food

Eat at-least three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Eat slowly and don’t talk while eating

Part of Healthy-Fit World Campaign

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