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My Wellness Initiation™

Wellness is not a commodity but a birth right for every soul being. We all need to be Healthy and Fit in our life in any eventuality should leave this world Happy and Disease Free. Leaving this world graciously without any trauma and chaotic situations would be certainly so Blissful for our soul.

We at The Wellness Maker understand and live by this philosophy. We take the opportunity given to us very seriously as it is our passion to assist you with unconditional guidance and support your dreams to live a Healthy and Fit life.

The Wellness Maker has designed a very innovative, unique and system as asked and guided by The Divine. The bulk of this system starts with the initiation into Wellness.

My Wellness Initiation is a very distinct process with which you are not only energizing your being from within but also receiving a continuous momentum from your higher self. And what makes this process more unique is the blessing of the unconditional, unbounded and undivided divinity from Primordial Divine Ocean along with the initiation process.

It is a direct boost to your self-sufficient energy system.

Our aim is to empower your being with adequate Wellness so that
you can live a Stress-Free, Happy, Healthy & a Fit life.

My Wellness Initiation is provided by The Wellness Maker, Royal Shri Rudraji.

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