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My Wellness Chakra Swirls™

My Wellness Chakra Energy Swirls is an energy stimulator and an absolute energy recharger for anyone who is looking to experience a divine way to stir their energy system. It is offered through initiation by The Wellness Maker. My Wellness Chakra Swirls are gentle clockwise and anticlockwise swirls that are done over specific energy centers on the body with a step by step process.


Stimulates subtle energy

Motivates energy flow

Enhances blood flow

Easies muscular tension

Relaxes pressure points

Creates physical sensitivity

Seal energies of all chakras

Provides a soothing comfort

Every one of us needs a closure in life with every situation. These energy swirls can also be performed by yourself to provide instant relaxation and calmness when needed. All parents should learn this technique to calm their children.

Get initiated today to bring a closure to your energy imbalances, energy cramps and elevate your after-massage experience. It’s all about stimulating your energy at muscular level and providing a passage for the energy waste to graciously dissipate.

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