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Wellness Invoker 360™

Wellness Invoker 360 is exactly what it says it is. It is a creative solution designed to fully enrich your being and elevate you towards achieving maximum wellness. It is a tool that enables you to invoke wellness into all sectors of your life with a 360* degree focus.

Wellness Invoker 360 is way for you to be educated and take decisive steps in all facets of your life with which you are sure to transform your wellness. It is the foundation of the Wellness Invoker System™. We will work with you to create your customized plan to accomplish your wellness goals, focusing on the following main life aspects.

*You will succeed with all of these processes when you fully dedicate yourself to being well.

The Wellness Maker's


Wellness Invoker 360 solution encompasses of nine different types of wellness. They are -

Physical Wellness:

Together we can improve your physical wellness so that your soul can easily fulfill its life purpose in this world. Your physical body is what enables your soul to complete assigned tasks as per The Divine’s guidance. Your body should be fit and vibrant so you can feel good while putting your best effort toward succeeding in this life.

Intellectual Wellness:

Intellectual wellness refers to the well-being of your mind and your thought processes. We will help you to nurture your mind with positive thoughts and reinforcements. You will learn how to keep your mind clear and fresh so you can make significant progress on your life journey.

Spiritual Wellness:

Uplift your spirit with spiritual wellness. Have you felt stuck in life?

There is no valid reason for anyone to be stuck in this life. There is always a way for people to advance and succeed. You just need the support and willful thrust to gain momentum. We will help you bring spiritual wellness to your life so that you are limitless with boundless opportunities to succeed in life. You are the only one putting limits on yourself. We will help set you free! Reach for The Divine at the highest level.

Emotional Wellness:

How do you feel? Are you able to define your feelings at any given moment?

It’s time to take a look at yourself from the inside. Explore those places that you don’t show to anyone. Emotional wellness defines how you behave and react to certain situations. Balancing your emotional state gives you the freedom of knowing that whatever you have to deal with can be handled with ease. Your worry is gone because “You got this!”, no matter what comes your way. And of course, the comfort of The Divine will always be with you.

Relationship Wellness:

Are you happy with your relationships? Do your feel like something is missing? Have you had difficulty maintaining relationships in the past?

We want to support you and guide you so that you can have caring, loving personal relationships and caring, respectful non-personal relationships. We want to help you relate to others on different levels so that all of your relationships are healthy and positive. There is no time to waste on unproductive, destructive relationships. Your happiness is important.

Financial Wellness:

One of the most common worries that people have is about money. Financial wellness is important so that you can put that worry to rest. Find ways to diversify and have multiple options when it comes to gaining financial security. Cancel out the stress related to finances, bring peace to your mind and feel confident that everything will be taken care of. When you make the effort, The Divine will gladly support you.

Occupational Wellness:

Are you happy with your work situation? Have you found your soul purpose?

Work and soul purpose go hand-in-hand. The most joyous people are those who have an occupation in the field that supports their soul purpose. We can help you discover your soul purpose and then adjust your life to support that. The Universe will support you completely when you are fully following your soul purpose path including the work you are doing. We don’t want you to waste time being miserable when the joys of life are available to you. You just have to motivate yourself to grab the opportunities.

Social Wellness:

Do you think about karma? Do you ever ask yourself, “What can I do to help?”

Your social wellness refers to how you help others in society. It doesn’t have to be a humungous effort. You just have to spend some time and be willing to help when you can. How about looking for opportunities to help your fellow humans? It can be as simple as holding the door for someone when you are entering the same building or watching out for a child nearby if you see they are alone, whether you know them or not. It’s about making a conscious effort to help out without fear and performing good karma at the same time.

Nature Wellness:

How much time do you spend outside? How do you feel when the sun touches your skin, the wind brushes your cheeks, or your eyes are dazzled by the colors of wildflowers?

The Divine has created a wonderful plethora of nature for humans to experience and to receive healing from. Spending time in nature stimulates your physical and spiritual wellness in amazing ways. The effect is amplified when you add consciousness to your experience. Take advantage of what The Divine has provided for humanity for its benefit.

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