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My Wellness Chakra Rings™

Achieving a greater amount of stability in ones Wellness should be the core objective of an enthusiastic self-aware soul being. Sometimes doing many things to increase Wellness can also help attract vast amount of optimisms, self-confidence and relentless will power to infinitely thrive your Wellness toward maximum good Health.

Wellness is all about energy based mechanisms working cohesively to constantly aid bodily organs and efficiently produce maximum output to serve the bodily systems. I know, we need to all need to eat Healthy, be active and perform many activities to maintain Wellness. In addition, there may be a requirement to take medications and other Herbal supplements to influence the Wellness to be on our side bright, shiny and positive.

Wellness = Energy Health + Soul Health + Mind Health + Body Health

A soul being should definitely follow their soul purpose to elevate their Soul Health. And on the other hand, to efficiently elevate Mind and Body health a soul being should perform various activities from Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, etc. to eating nutritious and juicy food. However, often times we forget to take proper measures to elevate our Energy Health which is equally important in life.

The Divine created a sophisticated system of Wellness Rings with which anyone can enhance their Wellness and influence it toward elevating their Health. It was crafted simply to address the energy side of the Wellness through self-discipline and self-energized approach after receiving initiation from The Wellness Maker, Royal Shri Rudraji.

Elevate your wellness today with My Wellness Chakra.

Let it stimulate energy centers across your entire energy system. It is a multi purpose tool to aid your Wellness upliftment.


Self-clear energy distractions

Raise energy vibrations

Increase stamina

Deprecate dullness

Improve blood flow

Protect mood swings

Influence energy centers

Detect Diseases

Erase muscle spasms

Motivate high energy levels

Achieve relaxation

Relieve Stress

Elevate focus and will power

Remove frustration

Receive your individualize wellness chakra rings through initiation from The Wellness Maker to protect and enhance your energy wellness. It is a required tool to equip yourself and be determined from being sick or diseased.

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