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De-Stress Kriya™

In today’s world Stress is unavoidable many times.
We constantly have to battle for being peaceful & away from situations that causes Stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is a temporary traumatic state of a being filled with extreme uneasiness causing unnecessary energy disturbances, loss of cellular efficiency and harmony, biochemical productivity and premature physiological changes.

Uncontrolled Stress can cause following situations in life:

Stress is the root of imbalances at a physical, emotional and mental level. Many known and unknown effects are present in a soul’s life as a result of stress, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even fear of life. Stress is a remover of boons and blessings. It is the trigger of being unhealthy and is the seed of unhappiness.






Memory Loss

Heart Disease

Body Pain


Premature Aging

Why De-Stress Kriya?

De-Stress Kriya should be a very important part in your life if you are suffering from Stress. It gives the ability to fight Stress rapidly and encourages you to be Stress Free Happy™. It works by giving you an instant energetic boost, calmness of mind and relaxation of body. It showers happiness and potent energy nutrition required to stabilize your personal energy. It provides the divine element of unconditional love and rejuvenates your higher self. 

De-Stress Kriya is a unique technique taught by The Divine to Royal Shri Rudraji and was asked to share with others to help reduce Stress. It is filled with divine energies given at the time of initiation that can be drawn from Supreme Consciousness Paradigm™ (SCP) at your will while performing De-Stress Kriya. 


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*Disclaimer: De-Stress Kriya solution is offered to assist people unconditionally. It requires initiation, faith and trust in God.

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