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Energy Invoker™

Many of us need unconditional support, comfort and care. But, along with them we need to be self sufficient and capable to receive support, comfort and care.

Needless to say being energized at the soul level is the most critical aspect of our being. Having energized can empower us in all aspects of our life. The Divine is the ultimate source of energy. Although our soul is part of The Divine, it’s powers are affected from time to time due to various factors like impurities, external energies, etc.

The Wellness Maker, Royal Shri Rudraji, was asked by The Divine to create a energy tool which with people can harness optimum energy levels in their being when essential without taking any intake. The Energy Invoker was born out of concern and care for humanity.

Energy Invoker is a distinct divine technique to embrace positive vibrations, re-energize and recalibrate your subtle energy system. It is the one tool you will always need to function at optimum levels and to maintain a healthy state of being. It has the inbuilt capacity to make you stronger, focused, mentally stable and energy elevated. Energy Invoker can easily be implemented through initiation from The Wellness Maker.

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