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My Wellness Chakra Mudra™

Disease means not being at ease. Actually, what it means is something inside your body is not functioning properly and is out of sync, sometimes forever. In all cases, the energy of that diseased part of your body is at disharmony and disoriented. Along with taking external meditations or herbal supplements, the best way to enhance and elevate the treatment of the affected part is to improvise energy flow bringing a cohesive and complete effort.

My Wellness Chakra Mudra is a higher way to control your energy flow and address issues on either diseased or affected body parts. Regular and sincerely practicing it could bring a faster recovery or perhaps a cure. While there is no guarantee from us, with self-confidence, self-love, and self-care you can certainly hope for the best. It is a proven fact that with improved energy our bodies can sustain longevity and good health.

What is involved?

Guided visualizations

Mudra postures

Focus Breathing

Out of his concern, The Wellness Maker created this process so people can attempt to get better sooner. He hopes at least some can take advantage of this process if not all, since this self-correcting process may not work for everyone.

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