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The Divine (God) is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. God should be very important part of every being regardless of their connection with God. And equally important is God's creation. Any soul being should at least spent few minutes a day to connect and appreciate God and God's creation. It not only empowers your being but synchronizes your mind, soul, and body and rejuvenates the divinity within yourself.

He aims to help people world wide so they can be more VIBRANT, CONNECTED & IMPROVE THEIR WELLNESS.

Initiation into God-Kriya is required from The Wellness Maker. There are no requirements for the initiation as long as you follow God-Kriya with ample of appreciation toward God, The Wellness Maker, and God’s creation.

Steps of God-Kriya

1Every morning say “God, thank you for this day!” and “Help me be a better person!”

2Every morning admire the sun and it’s brightness and imagine absorbing the brightness.

3Every afternoon take a moment & sit on the ground with your eyes closed & appreciate your being.

4Every night admire the moon and it’s calmness and imagine absorbing the calmness.

5Every night visualize yourself sending positive vibrations to the world.

Visualizations, manifestations, and the breathing processes that are part of God-Kriya will be taught during the initiation.

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